Computer Hardware - Dell Laptops Companies with no IT department or full time technical
staff tend to fall victim to common problems that can
be avoided with regular checks.

The Absolute Computer Solutions PC Check-Up is a solution
that keeps your systems in proper working order and
minimize down time. This will allow users to maximize
productivity and make the most of your IT budget,
without full time IT staff.

This check-up can be performed thorough weekly, bi-weekly,
or monthly check-ups and include the following:
Virus Removal & Scan Check
  Ensures each server and PC is virus free, and has a licensed anti-virus software installed with current definition files with an update schedule in place.
PC Repair & System Check
  Full server and PC hardware inspection. Cleaning and minor repairs as needed. Any repairs outside the scope of this check requiring a service charge will be discussed and authorized before performed.
Log Check
  Computer system, security and application logs checked for any warnings and other alerts which may indicate hardware errors that are undetectable by normal computer use.
Software Check
  This check ensures peak performance and stability of the PC through locating and removing unnecessarily installed software including spyware. During this check all approved software updates and installed.
Hackproofing & Firewall Check
  To protect your PC from hackers and other cyber-attacks, this check confirms a firewall application is installed, running, configured correctly and is up-to-date.
Data Back-Up Check
  Confirms backup of all data is being performed and tests restoration process. Backup to a mobile hard drive will be performed for systems without a centralized backup server. An off-site storage option is available.
Updates Installation Check
  To limit the amount of downtime due to operating system vulnerabilities, this check ensures the most current Windows patches have been installed.
User Check
  Communication with users provides the opportunity to explain any changes, reiterate policies if needed, and to explore any issues the user is experiencing.
  *All checks are customized to the company's needs. Checks may need to be expanded or narrowed.

 There are thousands..

...of new viruses discovered each day.

 Many users are unaware..

...that their computer has been compromised and someone has hacked into their computer.

 Basic maintenance can help..

...extend the useful life of your computer and components.

 The cheaper priced product.. not always the best deal. In IT you get what you pay for.