Computer Hardware - Dell Laptops Every business relies on IT for day to day operation and it is essential that Servers, computers, laptops and your internal network is functioning properly so employees can work productively. With IT budgets becoming tighter, it is critical that the network is setup and configured properly from the beginning, and that company emails and data are flowing properly.

ACS offers a full range of IT services to ensure that your company is setup properly and is functioning efficiently. Services range from configuration and implementation of servers, to basic user support. Every company is different. Let us develop and implement the solution designed specifically for your business.

Listed below are services offered:

IT Consulting
  If everything is working is there need for an IT appointment? Our basic consulting will give you the information you need to know about your computers without overloading you with the tech-speak.
Networking (WAN\LAN\Wireless)
  When a business grows beyond two computers it is time to make the shift into a business network. Security and simplicity are the benefits of setting up a network, and we can talk though it all with you before you pay a cent.
Security and Firewall
  Hackers are out there, and they are extremely smart. If you have computers on the internet it is essential that you protect yourself from harmful attacks that could disable your entire network.
Disaster Recovery \ Continuity Plans
  When disaster strikes your computer network the best reaction is a preplanned reaction. Talk with us to find out how you can be up and running with minimal data and time loss.
PC and Laptop Repair \ Check
  The Absolute Check-Up will keep your systems in proper working order with minimal down time, allowing users to maximize productivity and making the most of your IT budget. Thorough weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-ups can be done during your business off hours.
  Even though you have IT staff, it is beneficial to have an outside perspective on what could be changed or improved upon. ACS's audits are professionally designed to serve as a reference point for future upgrades, license needs, security changes and ensure your network is functioning properly.
Instruction in IT courses
  Part of ACS's extensive IT experience includes adult instruction and classes. Whether it be a staff training day on Microsoft Office or a refresher on the company customer database, ACS can provide you with a certified Microsoft System Engineer and licensed teacher.
Long Term IT Plans
  A large project can be crammed into a couple weeks or spread over a few months. ACS is ready to partner with your company over the long term to make sure you get what you need.
Short Term IT Solutions
  Sometimes you just need a quick fix to make it through to the next quarter. Our flexibility means you do not have to sign a long term contract to get things done today.
24-Hour Services and Disaster Response
  Computers are vital in today's business, and hours or days of computer downtime means lost revenue and inhibits you to serve your clients. During emergencies ACS is ready 24 hours a day to ensure your business is running during business hours.

 Always know the difference..

...between "need to have" and "want to have".

 Backups should be checked..

..regularly and tested. Backup procedures and job can become disabled or corrupted which could render the backup unusable.

 Most companies are unaware..

...what they would do if a disaster strikes, and the financial effect if one does occur.

 Providing computer users..

...with a basic or refresher computer course can increase profits by making employees more efficient using software.

 Windows and software updates..

...are commonly overlooked and leaves your company vulnerable to hackers.

 Many networks are..

...functioning below their ability and a simple audit can rectify this.